Here are some code repositories available for download featuring stuff I made and repositories I like.

Git repositories – my own

alignment_calculator [ git clone | .tar.bz2 | .zip ]
Calculates 3D and 2D alignment traces of symmetric top molecules exposed to ultra short laser pulses.

nbody-coulomb [ git clone | .tar.bz2 | .zip ]
Simulate flight paths of N charged bodies (rigidly rotating distributions of point charges e.g. charged molecular fragments or individual particles). Used e.g. for estimating angular distributions resulting from coulomb explosion of molecules.

AVR-calculator [ git clone | .tar.bz2 | .zip ]
Software for an Atmel ATMega 16 based homebuild and -soldered calculator, mainly written in assembly.

misc [ git clone | .tar.bz2 | .zip ]
Miscellaneous small programs including x86 bootloader (MBR) written in assembly, vectorrally opponent (quite tough) and a Fortran 95 program for plotting surfaces of constant |psi|^2 for the hydrogen wavefunctions.

wavlib [ git clone | .tar.bz2 | .zip ]
FORTRAN 77 library for handling .wav files